Erciyes Escapade
Soar Through Snowy Summits

Erciyes Euphoria: Skiing At Its Peak!

Erciyes Mountain, towering over Central Anatolia, is more than just a ski destination; it's an experience. As Turkey's highest mountain, Erciyes offers an exhilarating blend of world-class skiing facilities and captivating natural beauty.

Alpine Adventures

Erciyes is a paradise for skiers and snowboarders alike with its 102 km of ski slopes catering to all levels. The pistes are meticulously groomed, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride, while 18 lifts, including gondolas, chairlifts, and T-bars, ensure easy access to the mountain's vast terrains.

Peak Panorama

Rising 3,917 meters above sea level, Erciyes boasts breathtaking views that span across the horizon. The snowy peaks juxtaposed against the clear blue sky create a picturesque backdrop, making every descent a mesmerizing experience.

Stay & Play

Erciyes is more than just a day trip; it's a holistic winter getaway. With a plethora of accommodation options ranging from cozy lodges to luxury hotels, and a variety of après-ski activities, Erciyes ensures a complete and memorable vacation.

Cultural Chronicles

While Erciyes is primarily known for its skiing, it's also deeply rooted in history and culture. The mountain and its surrounding areas have tales dating back centuries, offering visitors a rich tapestry of stories and experiences beyond the slopes.

Included Services

While we can customize your experience with add-ons, the following is what is included in our standard packages


Shuttle from the airport to your hotel and from your hotel to the ski center

Lift tickets

Varies per mountain, but we do prodive a reasonable number of lift ticket, and an unlimited pass for mountains that offer it


Guidance and local assistance for any of your particular needs.

Not Included

The following services are not included in our standard packages, but everything is possible. Let's chat if you want to add any.


Equipment and gear rental will be provided at our partner shop where you will be dropped off every morning

Professional Photography

You can rely on your film making skills, or talk to us and we will organize a professional photoshoot for you

Personal expanditures

Lunches and dinners are not included in the package, but we will be happy to recommend the best places to eat and drink

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